About Us

O’Dwyer Real Estate Management (ODREM) is a successful Property Management firm with a core specialism in residential property and a proven track record of delivering results for investors and landlords alike.  Since the firm was established in 1987, we have developed a significant nationwide client portfolio on behalf of private clients and International funds operating in Ireland.

The firm’s portfolio is split across Private Rented Sector portfolios and Fixed Charge Receiverships/Rent Receivership programs.

The firm’s goal is to be the service partner of choice in the Private Rented Sector and to deliver Best in Class services to our tenants through our unique customer experience program. Clients include private local institutional and international funds including Marathon Asset Management USA, Mars U.K, KPR Pepper and Cerberus who in 2016 appointed ODREM as their exclusive residential service partner over an extensive nationwide portfolio of assets.

We employ over 75 property professionals and accountants.

Our History

Our genesis in property management started with S.23 residential Buy to Let investors in the 1980’s and we quickly grew stable long-term investment portfolios on behalf of private landlords, corporate trusts many of whom are still with the firm today.

Institutional work followed with an appointment to manage a pension fund portfolio of residential assets and we expanded nationwide upon being appointed as Countrywide UK’s agent in Ireland. 

The increase in foreign direct investment meant that multi nationals required quality accommodation for their expatriate executives and we captured a significant part of this business including managing over 1000 properties on behalf of INTEL as their employees and families were deployed to Dublin to run their first factory here.  

The favourable economic conditions of the noughties enabled us to develop residential facilities and estate management services and we won appointments to estate manage iconic large-scale schemes such as:

Adamstown - the largest strategic redevelopment zone in Irish planning history
Spencer Dock - the largest urban redevelopment program in the city
Hanover Quay and many other large award-winning schemes in the docklands  

This rapid expansion of the firm’s business was impacted by the economic crisis in 2008 and the firm was obliged to adjust its business focus and adapt to the new environment. Our attention turned to focus on those whose responsibility it was to deal with the increasing portfolio of distressed residential assets because of the economic downturn and we were appointed to NAMA’s Preferential Advisory Panel and AIB ‘s Receivership Panels. We undertook numerous asset management and receivership appointments in the resolution, completion, letting and management of partially complete residential mixed use and multi-unit schemes, many burdened with complex legal and structural issues.

During the last 10 years International property funds invested in Ireland and required local expertise and scale and we were engaged by them and now manage an extensive nationwide portfolio of assets.

Which is exclusively in the private rental sector – the new emerging investment class.