Portfolio management for global investment fund


In 2014 and 2015 O'Dwyer Real Estate Management was appointed to manage a portfolio if 320 apartments and three commercial blocks for a large international QIAIF client.


On appointment, O'Dwyer Real Estate Management put in place the following processes and programmes

  • Uploading of all property particulars on to the property management system for automation of rent collection, lease renewals and lease expires

  • Planned half-yearly inspection regime implemented

  • Fit-out and property maintenance programmes were planned and executed.

  • A fully regulated QIAIF report designed and implemented to accommodate monthly client reporting


The following outcomes resulted from O'Dwyer Real Estate Management's execution of the programmes

  • Rent collections increase by over 20% per annum

  • 98% occupancy rate achieved

Portfolio management of apartment development

Bakers Yard, Dublin


O’Dwyer Real Estate Management were appointed as Fixed Charge Receiver and Property Manager over 85 apartments and six commercial units in 2011.


On appointment, there were a variety of different issues to be resolved, namely: unfinished development; development; legacy issues; defective title; poor tenant quality; and  low rents.


Over a three-year period O'Dwyer Real Estate Management successfully completed a building remediation programme of €750k and achieved the following results:

  • Gross rent was increased by 33%

  • Landlord costs were reduced by 8%

  • Obtained Building & Planning Certification

  • Common areas transferred to the Management Company.

On completion of works, the overall capital value was increased by 60% and the development was sold for €16m in 2014.

Portfolio management of pension fund assets


In 2014, O’Dwyer Real Estate Management was appointed Property Service Manager in respect of 200 Buy to Let assets owned by a major UK Pension Fund.


Over a two-year period O’Dwyer Real Estate Management:-

  • Identified and resolved L&T compliance issues

  • Centralised procurement

  • Provided regular Management Information System (MIS) reports on the assets held

  • The receivers and clients have a clear MIS in place to track the performance of their assets


O’Dwyer Real Estate Management execution of the project resulted in the following outcomes

  • Achieved 100% occupancy and rent collection rates

  • Collected annual rent of €2m

  • Increased income by 16%

  • Reduced landlord costs by 12.5%